“Show us your goal and we’ll show how to get there.”

Kimmo Määttänen
CEO, Entop Oy

“Engineering at its best is making the complicated simple and discovering new perspectives. “

Kimmo Pyykkö
Regional Manager, Tampere, Entop Oy

“At Entop ,we are used to looking at familiar things from new angles and asking: could this be somehow improved? “

Tuomo Kuusi
Regional Manager, Helsinki, Entop Oy

“Kerro meille tavoitteesi, me näytämme, kuinka saavutat ne.”

Kimmo Määttänen
Toimitusjohtaja, Entop Oy

Kimmo Pyykkö

“Parhaimmillaan insinööritaito on monimutkaisten asioiden yksinkertaistamista ja uusien näkökulmien löytämistä. “

Kimmo Pyykkö
Aluepäällikkö, Tampere, Entop Oy


“Entopissa on totuttu katsomaan tuttuja asioita uusin silmin: voiko tämänkin tehdä paremmin? “

Tuomo Kuusi
Aluepäällikkö, Helsinki, Entop Oy

Welcome to Entop

For 30 years already, Entop has held a leading position in the Finnish machine and equipment engineering industry. Our customer base ranges from Finnish SMEs to global corporations.

We want our customers to sleep well at night. We believe in continuous development of our operations and want to provide our customers with new ideas and tools to enhance our co-operation and the customer’s engineering process.

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Mekaniikkasuunnittelu ja tuotekehitys

Mechanical design

Careful design and detailed documentation ensure successful solutions.

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ENTOP suunnitteluautomaatti

Technical analyses

Our technical analysis team performs analyses for customers in accordance with the industrial standards.

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ENTOP projektit

Product development

Our services cover all areas of product development from conceptualisation to productisation.

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