ENTOP design automation

Entop design automation solutions reduce the project lead time through the automation of customer-specific designing. Entop design automation solutions enable more efficient layout and mechanical design and planning of offers.

With Entop design automation solutions, our customers have been able to radically improve their entire delivery process and competitiveness. The time spent designing and planning can be reduced by as much as 80% compared with traditional methods.

Examples of ENTOP Design Automation benefits

  • Drawings with part lists, DXFs, material lists and drawing lists are obtained quickly and without errors.
  • Drawings and models for offers are obtained quickly. At the same time, you get photographic-quality pictures of the equipment to be attached to the offer.
  • The solution enables quick and accurate pricing.
  • Unit-specific models and/or finished products are conveniently and efficiently integrated.

Feedback on ENTOP Design Automation

“We are using all the design automation solutions provided by Entop. The purpose of our configuration is to enhance our capacity to respond to customers’ rapidly changing requests. Thanks to Entop’s design automation solutions, we have reduced our costs by as much as eighty per cent! The lead time of jobs is now much shorter, the information is more accurate, and the margins of error are practically non-existent.”

Kari Tuominen, Technology Director, Peikko Finland Oy

“We have found the Entop design automation solutions very efficient and cost-effective. Automation can cut in half the time required for designing. Other major benefits include consistent manufacturing documents, reduction of errors and more precise specification of products.”

Pasi Lehtimäki, Development Engineer, Metso Power Oy

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